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You’ll find the answers below… no peeking!

Question 1: How much revenue did Facebook generate for the first three months of 2016 – answers in dollars please.

Question 2: If  Facebook was a country, how big would it be?

Question 3: How many photos are loaded onto Facebook each month?

Question 4: How many daily active users do you think they had in March 2016?

Question 5: How many daily mobile phone users do you think they had for March 2016?


1: $5,382,000,000 - No wonder Mark Zuckerberg is smiling.

2: If Facebook was a country it would the 3rd largest in the world (After China and India)

3: On average, 9 billion photos are uploaded to Facebook each month.

4: 1.09billion daily active users – that’s 1,090,000,000 people.

5: 1.51billion daily mobile phone users – that’s just 1,510,000,000 people.

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