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Webawaba creates Livelong's branding and new website.

Age seems to be less and less relevant these days, doesn’t it? Thirty is the new twenty and forty is the new thirty. According to Livelong’s founder, Iain Robertson, live doesn’t stop at fifty - fifty is definitely the new forty, if you follow Livelong’s principles that is.

So, what is Livelong and why are we talking about it?

Livelong offers a fun and friendly alternative to traditional exercise classes, boot camps and fitness programmes. It’s for people (generally 40+) who do little or no exercise, who wish to set out on the path to becoming fitter and healthier. The focus is strictly on keeping it fun and friendly, with a wide range of activities to enjoy with Livelong’s Personal Activity Partners. There’s no questioning the principles of Livelong. If you’re having fun and getting fit whilst doing it, then it’s a gold medal ethos.

New approach. New business model.

When Livelong’s founder approached Webawaba to discuss their new website, we were keen to get involved. We’re passionate about helping get new ideas off the ground. After a few chats with the Webawaba team, Iain’s ideas quickly crystallised and the structure and content of the website flowed effortlessly.

The site is live. Long live the site!

The new, responsive, Livelong website is now live and can be viewed here. Webawaba took care of the build, imagery and worked with Iain on the copy. The website has a CMS (Content Management System) allowing Iain to control the content. It’s also responsive so it works on all devices and ready to link to his social media platforms for one click, multiple posting – saving him time and money.

We can help.

Check out the new Livelong website here.

If you have a new business and would like to discuss your website, please contact us.  

There may not be an elixir to eternal life but when it comes to website design, we can help you bring your ideas to life. If you would like to discuss your website, please contact us.  




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