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Chocolate branding and packaging.

What do you do when you haven't got Cadburys budget?

Thankfully, the global community is becoming increasingly more aware of what we do to our planet, out attitude towards equal rights, what we eat and the packaging our food is wrapped in.

We've recently had the pleasure of creating the branding for a new chocolate brand called Cacao Temple. If there was ever a company that had an uncompromising ethos towards authenticity, then this is it. All ingredients are as pure, eco friendly, organic and as wholesome as you can get - direct from the fields of Peru to be precise.

So when we were asked to design the packaging, we had to - and were more than willing - to uphold to their strict code of conduct. It's truly great to work with companies like this; ones who overflow with passion for their products and each of the various elements that combine to make a wholesome brand.

The brief was simple: create a new logo and range of products that can be printed cost effectively on 100% organic and bio degradable manila pouches. Our design team combined the energy of their team into the 'temple' triangle and added the sacred cacao bean; the source of energy. The types of chocolate were added in colour coded banners with complimenting 'Blend' ribbons to provide instant colour-to-product association.

The end result is a striking and very cost effective packaging solution that will allow significant reinvestment into the growing company without compromising the customers experience.

We wish the wonderfully dynamic and inspirational, Joanne, the best with her new range and look forward to working on her new commerce store.


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