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Webawaba creates Partyfield's new website.

Camping, glamping and personal festivals are on the rise. And for good reason too. We all appreciate the benefits of a good old get together in a beautiful setting with friends, sizzling bqq’s and a few cold ones around a fire pit under the stars.

We were recently approached by Ben and Natasha from Partyfield, Dorset - the original and best party/festival-in-field setting – to discuss their website. A quick analysis found their previous site was dated, lacked real structure and performed poorly. Worst of all, it was non-responsive, meaning Google would penalise them in their search engine rankings, giving their wannabee rivals an undeserved advantage.

Ben and Natasha were keen to rectify these issues immediately, so after a brief chat, they asked Webawaba to help out.

The Solution.

Forest bathing in the depths of their beautiful field and sipping pot-fulls of steaming tea with Ben and Natasha, we soon understood the business objectives and were able to quickly structure a site that worked for them.

Fast forward a few weeks later and the new site is finished. The new website is responsive, laced with strategic copy to boost their SEO, and set for their ensuing social media marketing strategy.

Full Control.

Most of our clients like to take over the running of their site once it’s live – and we encourage it. We believe clients should control their content (with a little guidance from us), giving them editorial control without the haemorrhaging fees some agencies charge.

We wish Ben and Natasha all the best for the future. If you fancy organising a special party, your own festival or a corporate event, check out the new website here.

If you would like to discuss your website and digital marketing, contact us.

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