It's a big question; who are you? What personality type are you? It's an interesting question for adults and more importantly, for children; for spotting a child's natural abilities early in their lives enables education professional to nurture a child's natural personality attributes and guide them along a career path suited to them.

Webawaba have been working closely with Helen Rivero from YPI, creating the new website and now, their new corporate identity. We look forward to working with Helen to build a world winning brand.

Here's a bit about the YPI lifted from their new brochure (coming soon)

The Young People Index is a revolutionary online instrument that enables education professionals to identify and nurture the key talents of pupils; the leaders and workforce of the future. 

The results from the assessment empowers young people by highlighting their natural preferences and inclinations in terms of how they contribute to a team, organisation, project or role and thus boost confidence and self-awareness. It is vital that each and every child is aware of their own individual strengths and skills so they can not only see the value they add in the classroom but are also able to make more informed choices about their future. 

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